Finishing School - Soft Skills Training for All Final Year Students – Science, Commerce & Engineers

  • Overview about how to develop Aptitude / Reasoning / English
  • Specific training for potential job placement
  • Group Discussions & Personal Interviews
  • Presentation Training
  • Personality Grooming
  • Confidence building sessions
  • Motivational Lectures
  • Inspirational Videos
  • Job Specific skill development
  • Personalised Attention

Why Finishing School ?

Role of education is to increase the metal level and to develop skills that helps the nation to have better productivity and provides adequate financial & non-financial incentives. Graduation degrees and post graduation degrees should be the indicators of skills. 

However, when we look at society, we find huge numbers of unemployed graduated and post-graduated youngsters. There are lots of requirements at various levels of jobs in majority of organizations, institutions and companies. And yet, the owners of these all keep saying that they don't have enough skilled people for vacant job positions.

Whats the reason for this huge gap...?

With our experience, with the views of industry experts and as per various research reports: there is gap between skills imparted by educational institutions and job skills required at companies are completely mismatched. 

Finishing School course @ iFirst Academy is an attempt to create youngsters that are employable. With the systematic and practical training, we will be able to bridge the gap of skills.