Probationary Engineering - Classes for Diploma & Degree Engineering 

  • Coaching for Core Subject:  Maths – 1 & 2
  • Focus on concepts & Basics
  • Emphasis on ‘how to learn’ and ‘what to learn’
  • Unlike ‘tuitions’, self – learning attitude developing approach
  • Instead of ‘all subjects tuitions’, completely new way to study in all the subjects & topics along with the main subject
  • Regular monitoring of student's performance
  • Frequent Test & Presentations
  • Practical based learning
  • Lots of Audio – visual aids
  • Special focus on English language

Why Probationary Engineering ?

Engineering is considered as prestigious and professional course that greatly enhances the values of students. Engineering studies make (should make) persons with great skills that drives the industry and thus the nation.

  • The usual practice of studies while schooling, has been more about mugging up concepts rather than simplifying & understanding.
  • Limited Study material & simple textbooks has been characteristics  of school studies.
  • Tuitions classes has paralyzed the innate learning ability of students.

On the Other hand, in engineering,

  • The contents and knowledge becomes exceeding complex and lengthy.
  • The Syllabus contains at least half a dozen text books and a dozen as reference books.
  • And on top of that, study in English language creates very threatening effect of fear in mind of students; since many students are from Gujarati medium.

Methodology of Studying has to change in order to imbibe this flow of knowledge.Conscious efforts should be made to bridge the gap of methodology of study in the transition period from schooling to professional studies.

That’s where iFirst Probationary Engineering comes as a savior.