Probationary Management - Classes of MBA

  • Classes for Quantitative Analysis (QA) - 1 & 2
  • General / Marketing Subjects
  • Research Guidance
  • Focus on Communication
  • Presentation & verbal skills
  • Group Discussion and Personal Interview Preparation
  • Live Projects for practical learning
  • Case Study pedagogy
  • All round personality development

Why Probationary Management ?

Management Master Degree - MBA, is a very prestigious post graduation degree. MBA's are meant to run small/big companies, multi-national corporations and even government institutions. 

However, when we look at MBA admission scenario, specially in Gujarat, it is not very encouraging. Less and less students are taking admissions into MBA - degree. MBA degree holders are either unemployed or are doing jobs of barely Rs. 10,000 - 15,000 per month which is very discouraging sight. 

So, whats the reason of this huge difference between MBA at state level and at top institutions...? The reason lies in the way management master degree is treated.

  • Students find that the subjects have somewhat similar contents like normal commerce graduation degree.
  • The books and the notes they refer are not upto the mark. 
  • The seriousness towards the case studies, regular reading, live practical work, real research is completely missing. 
  • Even lack of familiarity in English language works negatively for students. 

Probationary Management by iFirst Academy is an attempt to create qualitative managers that has promising future.